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English dictionary definition of utilizable. To put to use, especially to make profitable or effective use of: an approach to the problem that utilizes the. Define utilize: to make use of : turn to practical use or account — utilize in a sentence. How to use utilizable in a sentence.

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Select targeted languages. French : utilisable (fr). Versión electrónica del Diccionario de la lengua española, obra lexicográfica académica por excelencia. Translate Utilizable. Annual Subsistencefor Table III-Resource Harvests Averaged for the Period 196?

The extraordinary numbers of utilizable water-powers, the unusual transport facilities affording ample means of reaching the great markets, and finally the proximity to the raw materials of manufacture, have made Minnesota of great importance as a manufacturing state. Lifan Shen , Xiao Liu , Baojie Chen , Edwin Yue Bun Pun and Hai Lin3. Spanisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. The remaining land area within agricultural land- use categories is taken up by non- utilizable land (NUT) and indigenous forest and grazing land (IFG).

The dam has created a storage capacity (Gross Storage) of 89000cubic metres out of which the utilizable storage (Live Storage) is 56520cubic metres. These categories occupy . Rana Pratap Sagar Dam. Its morphology, gram-positive staining reaction, resistance to cell lysis by chemical agents and narrow range of utilizable. AUM (forage req.) 46.

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The environmental water demand component estimates the part of minimum flow requirement (MFR) of a river that has to be met from the potentially utilizable water resources (PUWR). First, we observe only a part of the minimum flow requirement in each month can be met from the non- utilizable part of the total renewable . INDIGENOUS FOREST UTILIZABLE LAND AND GRAZING LAND AND NON- About 3.