Worldwide electricity generation by source

World electricity production figures detailed by region from the Enerdata Yearbook with updated statistics by region. Weiteres Bild melden Melde das anstößige Bild. The list of countries by electricity generation per year based on multiple sources.

The uptick reflects faster growth in the non-OEC while OECD power generation continued to stagnate. Non-OECD power generation grew by 4. Most of the acceleration came from China ( ) with a further significant boost from India ( ) OECD power generation has been essentially flat .

It includes electricity produced in electricity- only plants and in combined heat and power plants. Sources of electricity production. Terawatt hours (TWh) You or your institution have access to this content. Disclaimer: Chart produced using data compiled from The World Bank website, which are assumed to be accurate at the time of posting. Electricity production.

This information is provided as a service to our customers, but has not been independently verified or confirmed. The variations stemming from per capita electricity output not only reflect income disparities, they are also caused by differences in the electricity content of economic growth (i.e. the amount of electricity required to produce one unit of GDP). In that year, approximately 10.

However, most definitions are aligned to the delivery of electricity , safe cooking facilities and a required minimum level of consumption. The International Energy Agency (IEA) definition entails more than . EU statistics on electricity generation by source , electricity consumption of households, and the level of liberalisation are presented. One measure that is used to monitor the extent of electricity market liberalisation is the market share of the largest generator in each country (see Figure 5). Nuclear Energy Around the World. The small island nations of . Coal plays a vital role in electricity generation worldwide.

Coal- fired power plants currently fuel of global electricity an in some. By energy source , natural gas accounts for the largest increase in world primary energy consumption. Abundant natural gas resources from shale resources and robust production contribute to the strong competitive position of natural gas among other resources.

The five renewable energy sources highlighted in this map series are the five largest worldwide. Natural gas remains a key fuel in the electric power sector . This is most likely because the requisite technology to generate electricity by . With the exception of photovoltaic (PV) generation , most of the primary sources. Rank, Country , (KWH), Date of Information.

Statistics and map about the electricity production of the world.