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ABOUT YINGLI GREEN ENERGY. Wirtschaftlicher Allrounder. Solarmodule aus polykristallinem Silizium. Wh output of your system per unit area. Order Online or Call Us!

Yingli Solar Panels at the lowest price. Verschaffen Sie sich die besten Einkaufskonditionen, einen Wissensvorsprung, einen umfassenden Marktüberblick . Nennleistung (Wp): 25W. Produktdetails: YL255P – 29b.

Leistungsgarantie: Jahre auf 80. Rating: 255W Efficiency: 15. BEST products from the BEST brands at BEST pr.

YIngLI SoLAR YgE SERIES our signature product line is a top performer in every application, from rooftop systems to utility-scale power plants.

High performance, multicrystalline solar cells deliver a module series efficiency of up . BER YINGLI GREEN ENERGY. Wysoka wydajność, sprawdzona technologia w niskiej cenie. LINEAR POWER WARRANTY.

From residential and commercial rooftops to ground-mounted solar farms, the YGE Cell Series, our most popular product . Solar modules made by polycrystalline silicon. Their particular appeal lies in their cost-effectiveness. In addition, the use of three cell connectors . Eén van de sterkste punten is de efficiëntie. De polykristallijne zonne-cellen gecombineerd met ultra-transparante glas zorgt voor een optimale opbrengst. The YGE Cell is the most versatile module.

While compact enough to fit on residential and commercial roofs, it is still economical enough to meet the needs of larger, utility-scale projects. This series is UL and IEC certified which are both universally recognized and re-spected throughout the solar industry. W yl255p – 29b A grade years warranty,US $ 0. Watt, Zhejiang, China (Mainland), YINGLI SOLAR, YL255P – 29b.

Source from Jinhua Sun Energy Co.

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