Zero infinity

All trademarks are registered to their respective owners. Site by On Your Mark. Yet it is possible to conceptualize the observed world in either way, as more than nothing, or less than everything.

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Nicola Davis is joined by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy to explore zero , infinity and everything in between. The problem is that the laws of addition and multiplication you are using hold for natural numbers, but infinity is not a natural number, so these laws do not apply. If they di you could use a similar argument that multiplying anything by infinity , no matter how small, gives infinity , thus ∞×0=∞.

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They represent powerful adversaries at either end of the realm of numbers that we use in modern science. Numbers mark our days, light our nights, foretell our weather, and keep us on course. They drive commerce and sustain civilization. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Gong-Sammlung. Kaufen Sie Vinyl und CDs.

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